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Like many others, my experience with Destiny began on the PlayStation 4 back in June 2014. The current console generation was just getting underway and Bungie’s latest IP was highly anticipated. At the time, the previous generation was still able to handle the performance needs this new title required. It was touted as a truly next-generation experience. For me, it all started when I got to play the Destiny Alpha, followed by the Destiny Beta in July 2014. It was a wonderful time and I was just as excited as everyone else that was interested in playing this new game.

With getting a first-hand look at the game, my eyes were set upon it’s September 2014 release. September 9th, to be exact. My friend Sephirothevil and I were there on ‘Day One’. He even bought the white Destiny-edition PS4 to play. That’s how hyped we were for the game.

At first, we were very satisfied. We bought the first expansion pass which included The Dark Below and House of Wolves. We expected this to be enough content to keep us busy for a while. However, this would serve as a reminder for things to come. Being that my friend and I would play Destiny so much, we were reaching the max level rather quickly. So fast, that we felt there wasn’t any need to continue playing until another DLC was released. We had a lot of friends that played on PS4 and would only play to try to help them in any way we could. By the way, do you remember ‘Dinklebot’ and how the story got butchered? Lulz.


At the time, the best weapon in the game was the Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher. My friend and I referred to it as the ‘GGHorn’. I missed my chance to get it when Xur sold it the first time. It was just the second week that Destiny had been out. I spent the majority of my time playing Destiny in hopes that I would get the famed weapon to drop for me. IT NEVER HAPPENED. I couldn’t get the weapon until the second time Xur sold it again. It was almost a year after he first sold it on September 14, 2014. The ‘Gjallarhorn Holiday’ took place on August 14, 2015. Those 11 months were used to grind every single activity in the game, hoping that RNGesus would bless me.

Throughout that entire period, I had completed everything in the game without the most powerful weapon in Destiny. There was a time where the Gjallarhorn was required to beat the Vault of Glass and other end-game content. It was annoying. Luckily, my friend Sephirothevil had one, and I was able to carry to my weight to get things done. The good news was that I was able to get the Ice Breaker when Xur sold it on February 13, 2015. The Ice Breaker Sniper Rifle was considered the second-best weapon in the game, just behind the ‘GGHorn’. After finally getting the weapon, it was time to chill out with Destiny for a bit. I would play from time-to-time, but I was getting a little bored with the grind. That, and also the fact that we would run out of things to do once we hit the level cap.

Destiny 2

Fast forward to when Destiny 2 was announced. It was March 17, 2017. I was pretty much done with Destiny and was glad that the sequel was set to release on September 6th. I was looking forward to getting back into the game and playing with my longtime Destiny friends. Of course, I got the game ‘Day One’ on PS4. However, I wanted to play Destiny 2 on the PC I had just gotten during Holiday 2016. I played on the PS4 for about a month, and once the PC version came out on Battle.net (sayonara!), I never looked back.

Little did I realize, my shift to PC for Destiny 2 would lead me to lose interest in the game. All my friends were on PS4, and since I wanted to soak in the ‘superior experience’, I was left out of the fun. I only had a base-PS4 and my PC was running a GeForce 1070 FE at the time, so I felt it would be best to play the game on PC.

I’d play for a few months, but it was hard to find anyone to regularly play with. I finished the game but I couldn’t do any end-game content since I had nobody to play with. Couldn’t even do a damn Nightfall. I would purchase the expansions but never would invest the time to play them. I was bored out of my mind once I reached the level cap I could do on my own. It was time to quit Destiny.


When Shadowfall came out and the transfer from Battle.net to Steam occurred, I have to admit, it spiked my interest again. Of course, like a truly sick fuck, I bought Shadowfall. Again, I would play for a bit and then quit playing. The problem? Nobody to play with to complete end-game content. I WAS DONE. Or so I thought.

Time had passed and for some reason, I began to feel like scratching my Destiny itch. Fucking Bungie. I watched the announcement for the new expansion, Destiny 2: Beyond Light, and my heart rejoiced. It was time to get back into Destiny 2. I re-installed the game for the umpteenth time and headed over to the Bungie forums to see what was going on there. Then, I made the best decision ever with regards to Destiny 2. There was a post by ENIGMA, and they were looking for PC players to join their clan. They were asking people for reasons why they’d want to join, and so I gave mine.

ALIANZ replies to the ‘ENIGMA Is Now Recruiting’ thread on the Bungie.net forums

Needless to say, I was accepted, invited to their Discord server, and was back at it. Since joining ENIGMA on June 9th, I’ve played Destiny 2 exclusively this past month. I’m currently at 1064 Light Level. I do plan on taking a break to play Ghost of Tsushima on July 17, but there’s so much I have to catch up on with Destiny 2. There’s so many ‘Quests’ that I need to complete, so many ‘Exotics’ to obtain, and I still have to do all 5 ‘Raids’.

It’s the only game I’ve been streaming on Twitch. The problem I experienced in the past, starting with Destiny, is no more. I have so much to keep me busy with Destiny 2, that ‘now’ was the best time for me to return to the game. I’m back to shamelessly playing Destiny again. It’s good to be back.

Just in time before the next expansion.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Reveal Trailer




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