GBL Podcast 5/5 – The Catch-UP Episode

Welcome back to another episode of the GBL Podcast! This week we sat down to talk about recent major news within the gaming industry before a special EVO episode on …

GBL Podcast 4/16: Fighting Games for Online Play ft. David Sirlin

This week we sat down with David Sirlin, FGC advocate and creator of the Fantasy Strike universe of games. The topic is a deep dive discussion behind fighting games in the world of online play, why it’s so important for the genre to prioritize UX and the problems that exist in the current development process.

GBL Podcast 3/16: Fighting Game Audio ft. Tony Porter, COVID19 & FGC, Xbox Series X Reveal & More

The GBL Podcast returns this week to follow up on the continued conversation of the FGC & COVID-19. While we discuss the most recent developments within esports & FGC, we take a detour to discuss the newly revealed Xbox Series X specs! With a little bit of news regarding Resident Evil 3 and Nintendo Direct rumors to top if off. We were treated to something special this episode – tune in for an exclusive sneak peek at an unreleased BGM track coming soon to Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid!

GBL Podcast 3/9: BFTG League ft. Dacidbro, COVID-19, MK11, CoD Warzone & FPS Roundup

This week we talk about the impact of the Coronavirus COVID-19, labeled as a pandemic shortly after recording this episode. We go over the impact on esports in light of recent event cancellations and how tournament organizers can go about it the right or wrong ways. Final Kombat came and went but not before delivering an exciting bracket and long awaited reveal of Spawn for Mortal Kombat 11. The podcast crew goes over the implications of balance in MK11 following the tournament results and our initial reactions to Spawn. We couldn’t ignore the fresh announcement of Call of Duty Warzone, followed by a brief recap of all the shooters we’ve been playing recently including the new closed beta for Diabotical, and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary now on Steam.

GBL Podcast 3/2: Gamers Anthem, FF7 Remake, DBFZ, Smash & VALORANT

This week we recapped our reactions to the biggest game of the week: FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE! Not only that, we go over the recent Smash World Tour announcement and give our verdict on the Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 changes. Riot Games revealed their new tactical FPS as Valorant, which we analyze in detail!

Episode 4: Fall 2019 recap

Welcome back everyone to another episode of the GOTTA BE LEGEND Podcast! On today’s episode, ALIANZ and SHIB talk about the latest news from Riot Games and BlizzCon 2019. Additionally, …

Episode 3: Mid-summer recap and giveaway

Welcome back everyone to another episode of the GOTTA BE LEGEND Podcast! On today’s episode, ALIANZ and SHIB talk the GBL movement as a whole. We’re out in convention centers, …