FFVII Remake gameplay (Chapters 1-3) & first impressions

An all-time classic returns on the PlayStation 4.

Welcome back everyone to another episode of GOTTA BE LEGEND TV.

On today’s episode, we’re playing the brand new game by Square Enix, the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4! Watch as ALIANZ takes us through the launch countdown and into the first 3 chapters of the game.

We started our journey into Midgar the moment Final Fantasy VII Remake unlocked on our the PS4. The game starts off the same way the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo did. Chapter 1 takes us through Mako Reactor 1 which powered by the Shinra Electric Power Company.

Here’s where Final Fantasy VII Remake really starts.

Those that played the demo will be familiar with what happens at Mako Reactor 1. After destroying Mako Reactor 1, you head your way through the streets of Midgar for Chapter 2. The scenery is truly something else, as destruction and fear run rampant through the city and its inhabitants. As we run through the city, we’ll fight against some Dogs, Security Officers, Grenadiers, and Riot Troopers. Our video will show you everything that’s happening there, including some really cool cutscenes you don’t want to miss. After clearing Chapter 2, we head our way towards the Midgar slums for Chapter 3.

Chapter 3

In the Midgar slums, we begin to become acquainted with the residents of the area. They offer jobs to gain their trust and earn some ‘Gil’. Gil is the currency you attain through missions in the game. It can be used to buy items, weapons/armor, accessories, and materia. You can purchase different things from the various shops in the Midgar slums, including potions, antidotes, revive elixirs called Phoenix Down and in-game music. To make more Gil, you can also sell items at these shops.

Also in Chapter 3, we get re-acquainted with our old friend, Tifa. This is where things start to get really awkward. For those of you who played the original Final Fantasy VII on the PS1, you already know where this is going. For those of you who are new to the series like me, it was interesting to see the interactions between these two characters. There’s a lot of history between these two here and the tension is definitely in the air, or is it… love?

The video at the top of the page includes gameplay footage we captured of Chapters 1, 2 and some of Chapter 3. The video below includes the conclusion of Chapter 3 and the beginning of Chapter 4, where we make our way to Sector 7. We look forward to playing more of Final Fantasy VII Remake as the days go by and we’ll have more gameplay footage to document our journey.


*All footage was captured from a launch day PS4.


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