AnimEVOnline 2020 starting lineup announced

The show starts right after EVO 2020 ends.

It’s official. Tonight at approximately 7 PM PST / 10 PM EST, the @AnimEVO Twitter account posted the official starting lineup for AnimEVOnline 2020. To the surprise of some, and the delight of many, this year’s event is looking to be a memorable one. Our very own Shiburizu and Shimatora will be involved in this year’s event. They’ll be the Tournament Organizers for Digital Crafter’s Fight of Animals and Tasofro’s Eternal Fighter Zero, respectively. We’re excited to be part of AnimEVOnline 2020. We also want to congratulate all the other volunteers participating in this year’s event!

Below, you’ll find the full list of games, including their Tournament Organizer(s):

Now, more games can still be added to the lineup. If you want to volunteer for a game that hasn’t been included, or if you want to help out with the current roster, you can still sign up to be an AnimEVO Volunteer!



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