About Us

GOTTA BE LEGEND was founded in 2016 to be a source of quality content covering topics we love. Since then, we’ve grown to become a collective of content creators — legends who dedicate their creative work towards topics they love. Our site was established as a home to everything we do across video, photo, audio, and writing. Content showcased on GBL represents two things: The creative vision of the legends themselves, or the people out there making the content that we love.

GBL is more than just us, it’s also a community: The people we hit up for a few matches or to talk the latest and greatest. There isn’t a limit to where or how anywhere in the world we find our common ground. Our base is depicted in our logo, the globe.

Our Legends:

  • Alianz: Founder and Chairman. Video content, gaming coverage, and sneaker releases. GBL Podcast Co-host.
  • Shib: Lead tournament organizer and graphic artist. Video content and gaming coverage. GBL Podcast Co-host.
  • Fioyl: Gaming analysis and coverage. Aggregator Reviews.
  • Chaf Cancel: Esports/FGC analysis.
  • Ben R.: Film and music analysis.
  • DeeAiZee: Livestreaming and tournament commentator. GBL Podcast Co-host.
  • ProtoDad: Livestreaming, tournament organizer, and commentator. GBL Podcast Co-host.
  • MinimumPayne: Livestreaming.
  • Sephirothevil: Special advisor.
  • Featured Cosplayers
    • GhostieMermaid
    • GhostlyMaiden
    • Voidvirago
  • Featured Musician: Oryous

Content we love:

  • NXTGEN720 and the BroadBand Bullies
  • DJ Delz
  • DammnDee Gaming
  • CGN|ShinJay